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  • Conservation Agriculture

    Conservation Agriculture: Essential for Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Environment

    Just as I entered home after watching the paddy transplant at our farm in scorching heat, I clearly remember the dichotomy I faced between on one hand quenching my thirst with big glass of water and feeling great of being involved in agriculture and simultaneously going through confused and guilty emotions after the newspaper headline caught my eye stating “Traditional paddy planting depleting away groundwater rapidly leading to water crisis in North India”

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  • GFAR’s Project

    Youth Agripreneurs Project

    Sowing the seed for a brighter future: The world’s agricultural sector is facing multiple challenges, including everything from climate change to poor motivation among youth to take up agriculture as a career.

    As a result, food insecurity persists around the globe and is likely to lead to severe food crises unless we stand up to these challenges. But what can be done to tackle them?

    Hectic yet reflective! The pilot GFAR-YPARD Young Agripreneur Project is coming to an end and in these posts, the six young agri-preneurs are pondering on their professional and personal journeys over the past twelve months.
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  • Journey to Build

    Entrepreneurship: The journey to build resilience

    Busy, busy, busy…This quarter has been huge for our young agripreneurs in the GFAR-YPARD Young Agripreneur Project. It’s now 10 months on since they thrilled the audiences at GCARD3 with their enthusiasm, drive and energy in describing their projects.

    These have all started with the young agripreneurs matched with mentors, engaged in coaching and training, and utilizing their seed funding aligned with their business plans.

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  • Day Out at farm

    A day out at Nikki’s farm—a Youth Agripreneur in Action

    Last Saturday,21 May, along with thirteen Veterinary post-graduates, I traveled to Chaudhary Farms of Ms Nikki Pilania Chaudhary, finalist in GFAR’s Youth Agripreneurs Project (YAP). The practical exposure to doctoral students enrolled for two courses in Entrepreneurial Development and Extension Management was my primary motivation for this visit.

    I had read about Nikki and her project, and, in my first guest blog for GFAR , I had profiled Ms Nikki as one among the several emerging role models

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  • My Gir Arrived

    My Gir Cows have Arrived!

    “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” This quote has always inspired and helped me through the toughest of times. I remember just how curious I was one year ago to know about our superior milk -yielding Gir cattle. Gir is an Indian cow, which has unfortunately been neglected in India but has performed extremely well in tropical Brazil.


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  • In Search of Gir

    In Search of Gir:  My first Visit to Gujarat and Hyderabad

    In April, the six finalists in GFAR and YPARD’s Youth Agripreneur Project headed back to their homes in the four corners of the world after an intense week of orientation and skills building at the GCARD3 Global Event, to embark on their personal adventures–and tackle their particular challenges–in agricultural entrepreneurship. Over the last three months, Jax, Anil, Nikki, Lillian, Jony, and Kellyann

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  • Climate Resilient

    Development of climate resilient Indian cattle: the future of Indian dairy

    What stops me from advising a small farmer to buy country’s highest milk yielding cow and widely perceived to be essential for success in dairy- the exotic cows such as Holstein Friesian?

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  • Integrating poplar

    Integrating poplar based agroforestry and dairy farming

    Aha!!! The day’s work at farm has ended. It’s time for me to sit back and enjoy a glass of mango shake made from mango plucked from our orchard and farm fresh milk produced in our dairy.

    It’s 7 p.m here in India and as I sit down to pen my blog to share my experience in agriculture, I feel amazed at how passionate I have grown about farming in just four years of my stay at our farm based in rural part of North Indian State Uttar Pradesh.

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  • Agroforestry & India

    Agroforestry: Attracting youth to farming and transforming Rural India

    When the company he worked for was celebrating lavish annual function at Goa, India my husband Gaurav Chaudhary was bringing 20 calves from outskirts of Delhi to the deep interiors of Uttar Pradesh where he is actively engaged in Agroforestry, Dairy and Agribusiness.

    Gaurav, post graduated in Economics from prestigious Delhi School of Economics in 2006, worked for few months as an economic analyst with WNS Global Services and quit his high profile job for farming.

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