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Conservation Agriculture: Essential for Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Environment

Just as I entered home after watching the paddy transplant at our farm in scorching heat, I clearly remember the dichotomy I faced between on one hand quenching my thirst with big glass of water and feeling great of being involved in agriculture and simultaneously going through confused and guilty emotions after the newspaper headline caught my eye stating “Traditional paddy planting depleting away groundwater rapidly leading to water crisis in North India”

It was the year 2014 and I was still very new to agriculture and so I discussed this with my Husband who is deeply involved in Agribusiness and agriculture at our family farm in Village Tanda Vijaisi, Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh and he informed me that Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) was the way out which he would be initiating on some area to see the results. This awareness to him came not from Agricultural Institutes or extension workers or field visitors but through his own continuous reading and exploration of innovative methods to practice farming.

We started reading more about DSR and then we touched the whole concept of Conservation Agriculture and soon realized that we must get our agriculture basics right and change the paddy-wheat crop rotation practice away from conventional paddy requiring lots of water, and wheat requiring the burning of paddy residue and lot of land preparation before it is sown to an agricultural and economical sustainable technique of DSR in paddy and Zero Tillage in Wheat.

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