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We optimise soil nutrients levels in order to maximise yield potential

Our experienced team makes regular visits to farmers fields to understand soil type, soil health and give nutrition solution allowing farmers to manage their inputs and fields more efficiently.

We provide access to soil testing facility to farmers through our farm laboratory.

Chaudhary Farms Agriserve is an expert in helping farmers optimise soil nutrient levels, in order to maximise yield potential for their chosen crops.  We supply a full range of macro-nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphates, and potash, as well as micro-nutrients and blends.

Our experts first do a proper soil test and after that, we advise nutrition for soil.
With In-house soil testing facility, we provide a science-backed advice on the use of N, P, K, Zn, S, Fe, Bo, Ca, micronutrient mixtures and blends. We have developed an expertise in helping farmers maintain optimal soil nutrient level to ensure maximum yield possible for their chosen crops.
Our farmers trust us.