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Cow Feed

We understand cows and their nutritional requirements like no one else do.

We have been involved in commercial dairy farming for more than 10 years. Our leadership role in Dairy Farming has led to the spontaneous development of our animal feed business. Dairy Producers trust us because we understand cows and their nutritional requirements like no one else do.

Our nutritionist is always there to design for you the best suited complete nutrition strategy.
We formulate balanced dairy cow feed for various stages of lactation with separate feed mixes for Early Lactation, Mid Lactation, and Late Lactation.

For Transition Period, we formulate special trans-feed. We also manufacture special feeds for Calves and Heifers.

We provide customized feed services to dairy farmers where the feed is formulated according to individual requirements of a dairy farm depending on Fodder availability and Milk Production.

We also formulate mineral and vitamin premixes for dairy farmers.