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Chaudhary Farms Dairy is a leading dairy farm of Uttar Pradesh located on beautiful lush green, serene 70-acre farm.
Cows are reared in comfortable, cost effective open housing with access to fresh drinking water and ad libitum farm grown nutritious forages.

Dairy Training

We welcome entrepreneurs interested to set up commercial dairy unit, Veterinary students interested to gain hands on experience at dairy farm to explore our dairy enterprise and attend 3 day dairy training that will provide you complete insight into dairy farming covering three core areas: cattle management, cattle nutrition and breeding.

& Universities Dairy Visit

It is very essential for each one of us to know where the food we eat and milk we drink comes from. We encourage students for day trip at our dairy unit and we will be happy to share the knowledge that will give them good understanding of dairy, milk and milk processing. They will be shown how milking is done using machine, what cows are fed and how they are reared. The trip will be insightful and you will know different breeds of cows and buffaloes and how their milk can differ.