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Meet our Directors

Chaudhary Veerpal Singh

After completing BSc Agriculture from DAV College, Punjab University- Chandigarh,   MrVeerpal Singh returned to implement his leanings in Agriculture on Farm in the 1960s. The farmland purchased by Late Chaudhary Umrao Singh was evolved by son Veerpal Singh -marking the entry of the second generation in farming. He has developed deep insights into agriculture through his dedicated and focused work for more than four decades now.

He was also the first person in the village to adopt poplar based agroforestry in 1987 in association with WIMCO Seedlings. He has been a quick adopter of sustainable agricultural practices that not only contribute positively to the environment but also help improve farmers’ livelihoods. He takes best yields of crops – wheat, paddy and sugarcane that he grows on the farm.

He is actively involved in farming and many farmers of the region come to learn farming practices from him to take optimal yields of crops in a cost-effective way.

Savita Chaudhary

She is actively involved in organic farming since 2000. She grows paddy, wheat, black gram, turmeric, corn, flaxseed, arhar dal by using biological inputs. In vegetables and fruits, she grows bottle guard, bitter gourd, brinjal, potatoes, lady finger, awla, mangoes, litchi, papaya, black plums, banana, and pear. The soil fertility is enhanced using compost, green manure, and vermiculture.

She practices zero tillage in farming which allows direct sowing of the crop into the residue of the previous crop on the soil surface which saves irrigation water, labor costs and increases soil organic matter. Zero Tillage is both economically and environmentally beneficial.

Extensive use of neem leaves and nimboli is made to enhance soil fertility and as pest repellent. Only certified biological inputs are used in soil. The soil has the high population of earthworms owing to no use of chemicals and practice of vermiculture. She is bringing innovative practices and aims to make organic farming efficient, less costly and sustainable. Her work on Organic farming is certified by UPSOCA.

Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav earned his M.A. in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. Coming from a farming family in agriculturally important Terai Belt of western Uttar Pradesh, his deep interest in agriculture took him to his roots. His passion for agriculture has led him creating the diverse agricultural business which includes Crop Protection and Nutrition Inputs Retail, Seed Production and Processing, Crop Cultivation and Dairy Farming.

Today he is a thriving entrepreneur in sustainable Agriculture at Chaudhary farms. He has expanded the Agro inputs business under the brand name Chaudhary Farms Agri Serve which is committed to improving the agricultural practices adopted by farmers by providing not only the quality agricultural inputs but also the consultancy from seed to harvest. The multiple agro -inputs counters led by him serve more than 5000 farmers in the region and he is dedicated to expanding the agribusiness at several other locations and hence serving many more farmers. He is passionate about making the positive difference in Agriculture sector and rural economy.

Nikki Pilania Chaudhary

She is actively involved in agribusiness since 2011. After completing her Msc Business Economics and Finance(2008) from University Of Surrey,London she is completely dedicated to dairy farming and family agribusiness. Her research paper on economic analysis of poplar based agroforestry vis-à-vis crops – paddy, wheat and sugarcane was published in Envis Booklet 2012 and she was called by International Poplar Commission 2012 to present her study to the group of farmers and scientists in meeting held at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.

In 2014 she was awarded by World Agroforestry Congress for her dedication to agriculture in rural part of India.

She keeps writing blogs on issues, opportunities and challenges in agriculture. Her blogs on agroforestry, dairy farming , conservation agriculture etc have been presented on various International Agricultural Forums. Several of them have been award winning for being most popular amongst audience and Expert Panel of Agriculture and Landscape Scientists.

She has also taken up work to promote Climate Resilient Dairy Cattle Breed in her State and making all efforts to develop superior milch dairy breeds which can be promoted amongst small farmers in India. Her project to develop such breed is also supported by Global Forum of Agriculture Research -2016. She was invited to Johannesburg in 2016 to present her project.

Saurabh Chaudhary

He is the founder and lead yoga teacher at Akshara Yoga School located on Chaudhary Farms. He has received his yoga education and training from the leading institutes of yoga in India. He is a Master of Science (Yoga) degree holder from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SYVASA) University, Bengaluru. He is fortunate to have received his yoga education under the finest brains, who have brought laurels to the nation through their cutting-edge contribution in the field of yoga. Dr H.R. Nagendra of SVYASA University, Bengaluru and Dr. I.V. Basavaraddi of MDNIY, New Delhi has been instrumental in shaping his personality.

He gives Yoga Training at yoga school campus located in village on the family farm and the school attracts lot of people from India and abroad interested in learning Yoga and pursuing healthy lifestyle.

Sharvi Chaudhary

Experienced Human Resources Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the retail and hospitality industry. Skilled in Human Resources Management and Customer Relations with an MBA focused on Human Resources and an English Literature Graduate from a Delhi University.

She has been contributing to various nuances of HR (Training, Recruitment) and Corporate Social Responsibility.