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Entrepreneurship: The journey to build resilience

Busy, busy, busy…This quarter has been huge for our young agripreneurs in the GFAR-YPARD Young Agripreneur Project. It’s now 10 months on since they thrilled the audiences at GCARD3 with their enthusiasm, drive and energy in describing their projects.

These have all started with the young agripreneurs matched with mentors, engaged in coaching and training, and utilizing their seed funding aligned with their business plans.

There have been the inevitable ups and downs – all part of being a young agripreneur and it’s great to see that they are all on track and embracing the challenges and opportunities that the YAP project has offered.

Nikki Chaudhary shares the latest exciting news on her project related to evaluating the suitability of the climate-resilient Gir breed cattle for dairy farming in India.


Oh!!! Its been exactly one year since the blogpost written by me on need of developing climate resilient Indian Cattle was published by GFAR.

That was just not a blogpost but an account of my five years of experience with Indian dairy farming, getting to the core of why it has seized to be a viable means of livelihood for thousands of small farmers.

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