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Agriculture Day Tour

Life at farm is amazing for living in midst of nature on lush green and serene environment, breathing fresh air, and having farm fresh fruits and vegetables keeps us energized and lively all the time. New crops, new seasons and new flowers are best enjoyed on farm and we want people to feel the freshness, beauty and peace of life on farm.

Dairy Tour & Training

Chaudhary Farms Dairy is a leading dairy farm of Uttar Pradesh located on beautiful lush green, serene 70-acre farm.

Cows are reared in comfortable, cost effective open housing with access to fresh drinking water and ad libitum farm grown nutritious forages.

Yoga Vacation at Farm

Yoga is more about undoing rather than doing. Undo and unfurl into who you are.
Come home to yourself and feel relaxed at beautiful campus located on Chaudhary Farms.