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Cows require a balanced diet which has sufficient energy, proteins and vitamins.

Green Fodder forms the main diet of the cattle and hence is the most important nutrient source for them. The fodder must be of good quality providing all essential nutrients to dairy cows.

At Chaudhary Farms Dairy, we give our dairy cattle- farm grown highly nutritive forage. In winters, we give our cows nutritious and very tasty Fodder oats and Rye grass (popularly known as Makkhan grass). Maize silage and Sorghum is fed during Summers.

We take very good yields of these fodders and our continuous supply of fodder to cows throughout the year keeps them healthy and happy.

Rye Grass – Green and Hay

We are an expert on Rye Grass production. We provide our cows with both: Green Rye Grass and Rye Grass Hay.

the world standards of maize cultivation

for silage

Demonstration Plots & Training

We cultivate maize for silage making. Our maize fields meet world standards in dry matter yield and nutritive value.
We consistently achieve 250 quintal per acre of forage yield with 30 – 35 % dry matter. Dry matter yield per acre stands between 80 – 90 quintals per acre. We also make silage at our dairy farm which is always outstanding and cows love it.

We conduct training programmes for dairy entrepreneurs on this.