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60 years

Of leading our way in modern sustainable agriculture

The journey in agriculture started in 1960s when Late Chaudhary Umrao Singh purchased land in Village TandaVijaisi, Pilibhit for growing crops. His hard work and dedication to farming was passed on to second generation –Chaudhary Veerpal Singh who upon completing his higher studies in Agriculture returned to farm and expanded land under cultivation and started two agro-inputs counters around the village in 1980s to facilitate farming in the region by providing essential crop production, crop protection inputs and consultancy to farmers.

Our well diversified and sustainable farm and the Retail Counters providing high-quality agro-inputs to the farmers along with science-backed advise on use of these inputs to ensure maximum returns from farming made both our farm and our retail firm very popular in the region.

Farmers from throughout the Pilibhit District travelled to us to seek advice and buy products to take best yields for their chosen crops. This marked the beginning of the Chaudhary Farms commitment to providing farmers with right guidance and right crop protection and crop production inputs to enable them get bumper yields in a cost-effective way, which we have continued since those pioneering days.

Gaurav Chaudhary, a third-generation family member too felt for the Agriculture Sector from childhood and after attaining Masters degree in Economics from Prestigious Delhi School of Economics, he returned to his roots in the year 2010. He is heading the Agro-inputs business under the brand name Chaudhary Farms Agriserve. The multiple retail counters led by him provide the world class consultancy and agro-inputs to the farmers. He is also leading the Seed Business, Cattle Feed and Dairy Enterprise all of which have earned very good reputation in the State Uttar Pradesh.

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The Beginning

The journey in agriculture started in 1960 with the Chaudhary Family purchasing land to cultivate cops and with a vision of Smart Work in Farming.


Associating and Evolving

Veerpal Singh Chaudhary, a second generation family member in the family further expands the area under cultivation and brings the scientific approach to grow crops. He becomes popular for taking very good yields of the crops.
He was also the first person in the village to adopt Poplar based agroforestry in 1987 in association with WIMCO Seedlings. He manages the farm and takes very good yields of crops and also has the best Poplar plantations in the region. Several Farmers turn to him to take advise on growing crops and poplar trees.


Propelling Organic Farming

Mrs Savita Chaudhary , B.Ed and M.Ed fromVanasthali College, Rajasthan takes deep interesting in farming alongwith Husband Veerpal Singh Chaudhary. She is the pioneer in organic farming in the Pilibhit District and making all efforts to make it efficient, less costly and sustainable faming practice using her innovative approach.
Her dedicated work in Organic Farming is well recognized.
The Globally Renowned Scholar in the area of grassroots innovations, IIM Ahmedabad Professor and the recipient of Padma Shri Award – Anil Kumar Gupta gives respect and recognition to Savita Chaudhary for her work in the field of Organic Farming. He especially visited Chaudhary Farms in the year 2003-04 to meet her and see her work.
Mrs Savita Chaudhary marketing her organic produce at PilibhitKisanMela Stall comprising of Turmeric, Arhar Dal, Moong Dal, Black gram, wheat, rice and flax seed.


Chaudhary Farms Agriserve

The pioneering spirit, that quest for something new that will help farm families succeed, has run deeply into the following generation as well.
Gaurav Chaudhary, the third generation into farming is leading the Agribusiness company- Chaudhary Agriculture Services Private Ltd since 2010. He is dedicated to making farming very profitable for farmers by providing not only the best quality agro-inputs to the farmers but also the consultancy to farmers from Seed to Harvest.
He has created a brilliant team of Agronomists who work with the farmers and guide them throughout the crop cycle ensuring farmers take best yields of their chosen crops and earn maximum returns.


Awards & Recognition

Nikki Pilania Chaudhary, an Economics Postgraduate from London was inspired by Gaurav’s deep involvement in Agriculture and Agribusiness to bring positive impact in Farmers’ livlihoods and so she after marrying him in 2011 is also completely dedicated to farming.
She keeps writing on various issues in Agriculture. She was invited by Forest Research Institute, Dehradun to present her research paper titled “Poplar Culture on Farmland: Farmers’ Experience from Uttar Pradesh” at International Poplar Commission-2012 Conference.
She has been invited by various National and International Agricultural Forums to present the work of Chaudhary Farms in Agriculture.
Her writings on Agroforestry, Dairy Farming and Conservation Agriculture have been appreciated and awarded by World Congress on Agroforestry-2012, World Forestry Congress -2015, Global Forum for Agricultural Research-2016 and Global Landscape Forum-2017.