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In Search of Gir:  My first Visit to Gujarat and Hyderabad

In April, the six finalists in GFAR and YPARD’s Youth Agripreneur Project headed back to their homes in the four corners of the world after an intense week of orientation and skills building at the GCARD3 Global Event, to embark on their personal adventures–and tackle their particular challenges–in agricultural entrepreneurship. Over the last three months, Jax, Anil, Nikki, Lillian, Jony, and Kellyann

have taken what they learned in the YAP induction workshop and used it to fine-tune their business plans and set realistic milestones for progress; they have channeled the excitement of the pitches they delivered at GCARD3 into campaigning for support through social media, crowdfunding, and getting their names out in their communities; and they have started forming relationships with their mentors who will support and challenge them during this year, and help them identify the resources they will need to make their businesses successful.

Now, with a little more experience under their belts, we asked the YAPpers to reflect on where they have come since GCARD3. Nikki Chaudhary’s proposal was to purchase six pure Gir breed cattle and evaluate the performance of the climate resilient cattle over the period of one year to determine their suitability for dairy farming in India. Here is what she has to say about where she has come thus far…

On my return from South Africa, the first task was to visit the breeding tract of Gir which is Western State of India – Gujarat to learn more about this indigenous breed of the country with superior milk-production.

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