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My Gir Cows have Arrived!

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” This quote has always inspired and helped me through the toughest of times. I remember just how curious I was one year ago to know about our superior milk -yielding Gir cattle. Gir is an Indian cow, which has unfortunately been neglected in India but has performed extremely well in tropical Brazil.


Luckily, I had the opportunity to further explore all the reasons for the neglect of the Gir cattle in India since seed funding was provided to me once my proposal on climate-resilient Indian cattle was selected and supported.


I visited the north-western Indian state of Gujarat twice to follow the breeding tract of the Gir cows and I also traveled to Hyderabad to attend the first ever bull show of Indian breeds. The event was organised by an organisation called Ankush, which is a pioneer non-profit organization in India and Canada, a member in FAO’s Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock and it works to propagate and conserve recognized Indigenous cattle breeds. As mentioned in a previous blog, Ankush’s valiant efforts will surely benefit the future of the Indian dairy industry.




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