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Our Farm

We feel proud to call ourselves Farmers first.

Ours is a story of family farm evolving into diversified agribusiness providing science-backed solutions to more than 5000 farmers on crop production, diversified agriculture and dairy farming in interiors of North West Indian State Uttar Pradesh.

The journey that started in 1960s from simple crop production gradually transformed to seed multiplication, agroforestry, dairy farming and now to agribusinesses has been very encouraging as it feels great to see tremendous positive change we the family is bringing in agriculture in our region, amongst farming community by providing good know-how and consultancy on adopting efficient farming practices. Though the solutions to do farming in environmentally and economically sustainable way do exist but the challenge is that these solutions are out of reach of our farmers. This is where we play an important role providing farmers science-backed solutions on various aspects of agriculture.

We do farming on 100 acres of land integrating crop production, agroforestry and dairy farming which is not only generating remunerative returns but is an example of a well-diversified and sustainable farming model with tremendous benefit to the environment. Our farm acts as a demonstration farm and learning center for thousands of farmers and youth in the region and in India

We have been involved in the cultivation of Paddy, Wheat, Pea, Gram, Sugarcane, Maize, Poplar and Forage crops and we take very good yields of these crops.

We also continually test new products and technologies on our fields before making them available for farmers. This helps us ensure that only those new products are offered to growers which prove their efficacy in local climate/soil environment. This reduces the risk of product failure.

At Chaudhary Farms, we have done pioneering work in the field of Poplar based Agroforestry. Our work has been well recognized by the World Congress on Agroforestry, 2014 and International Poplar Commission, 2012.

As Farmers and Agro- Input providers we are clearly working on our two core principles one to bring the success to farmers/growers and second to constantly innovate to ensure the first.