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Expand their horizons – Get outside and come visit our farm!

Cultivating Curiosity- Planting Knowledge – Harvesting Understanding

Most people bemoan the fact that children and youth of today don’t have a clue
about farms. You hear all the time that children believe that their food comes from the grocery store and it’s true. Similar is the case with young and adults too who have become very distant from Farming.
Why should Students know where their food comes from? Why should we care?

There’s a quote that sums this up quite nicely – “What people do not understand, they do not value; what they do not value, they will not protect, and what they do not protect, they will lose” [Charles Jordan].

From an agricultural standpoint, we want students to be knowledgeable about agriculture so they will appreciate it and want to preserve it. From an educational perspective, there are ENDLESS lessons to be learned on the farm, while you are reconnecting yourself to agriculture. Farms need to be more than an abstract notion; farms need to be a hands-on experience so that students can truly understand, with all their senses, just what it means to be on a farm.

The knowledge of farming is critical to the education of today’s children/ youth. Understanding agriculture leads to a better understanding and appreciation of where their food comes from. You’ve heard the saying “No Farms, No Food!”.

A farm visit that explores how food is grown and how animals are raised is an ideal way for students to understand and connect with Agriculture. By learning how a farm works, they will experience the natural world in a new way and make a vital connection between the social, ecological, and economic importance of agriculture in their lives.

Chaudhary Farms is a leading Agriculture and Dairy Farm located on foothills of Himalaya. It is a well-diversified modern farm integrating crop production, organic farming, agroforestry and dairy farming.
We believe that the precious knowledge that we have on Agriculture must be shared with students too.

The students will get tremendous exposure and learnings from the farm. We have a lot to show on the farm and the tour will take the students through the crops of the season, organic farm, fruit orchard, agroforestry trees and dairy farming.

CROPS – We produce Wheat, paddy, sugarcane and peas. Students will be made aware of how land is prepared, sowing and harvesting of crops.

FRUIT ORCHARD – We have several types of fruit trees in our orchard. Students will get to see mango trees, Chiku trees, litchi, banana, pears, papaya, mulberries etc.

Agroforestry – Integrating trees with crops is called agroforestry. We have done very good work in Agroforestry and we grow sugarcane and wheat along with poplar trees. This not only increases tree cover on farm but also permits growing of crops under trees. Interesting!!!

Our Work on Agroforestry has been recognized by top International Forums- International Poplar Commission, 2012 and World Agroforestry Congress- 2014.

Apart from agroforestry trees such as Poplar and Eucalyptus, we will also show them the Teak tree popular for its high-quality wood used for making furniture.

Organic Farming: We will give good exposure on how we practice organic farming and grow vegetables and pulses.

Dairy Farming – The children will really love to see how the milk that they drink is produced. They will be shown the breeds of cows that we have on the farm and will also be shown how milking of cows is done using milking machine. They will learn about the fodder and feed that cows eat, how small calves are reared etc.

We have exotic cattle breeds- Holstein Friesian Cross and Jersey cross and in Native Breeds we have Gir, Sahiwal.We also have Jaffrabadi and Murrah breed in buffaloes.

Ours is a leading and well-known dairy farm of Uttar Pradesh and our work in dairy is well supported by International Forums such as Global Forum on Agricultural Research, 2016.

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Students will also be taken to Feed Plant where we process our Cattle Feed.

By the end of the trip, the student gains a passion for agriculture and a better understanding of their agricultural community. By participating in farm field trips, students gain a better sense of agriculture, their own community’s food system, healthy eating.

Chaudhary Farms family invite you to explore the nature at our farm. You can contact us and make the reservations directly. Tours are limited, so reservations are required at least 72 hours in advance for the tour at