About Us




Chaudhary Farms is a leading agriculture farm located in the agricultural heartland of Terai Region of Western Uttar Pradesh close to Indo-Nepal border.


Chaudhary farm is nestled in the rich agricultural belt of the outer foothills of Himalayas. With more than 50 years of experience in agriculture the family owned farm is proud of its agrarian lineage. At our agriculture farm we grow Paddy, Wheat, Sugarcane, Pea, Gram and forage crops.


We are dairy farmers too. ChaudharyFarms Dairy is a highly efficient cow based dairy farm. The farm has emerged as a learning source for large number of dairy farmers in the region. Successful dairy operations led to widespread interest in dairy farmers in the region in our feeding practices and they started demanding our in house feed concentrate that we formulated for our cows. 


We are also engaged in Poplar tree based agro-forestry and our work has been well recognized by World Congress on Agro-forestry 2014 and International Poplar Commission, 2012