Chaudhary farms is located around 300 km from New Delhi. You can come to chaudhary farms by road, rail or by air. National highway 26 connects us from New Delhi. Train is another option where one can take the Shatabadi express to come to the nearby town of Rudrapur. The nearest domestic airport is Pantnagar airport which is about 80 km.
    We cultivate rice, wheat, pea, gram, sugarcane and corn.
    Tarai is the plain region of northern India, running parallel to the lower ranges of Himalayas. 'Tarai' meaning moist land, receives heavy rainfall during monsoon. Soil is fertile in the region and highly suitable for agriculture. The Tarai region is a haven for wildlife and is home to many wildlife sanctuaries like Dudhwa national park and Pilibhit tiger reserve.
    Chaudhary farms is a perfect homestead to experience moments of pure relaxation. While you relax at farm you can also keep your senses active towards many activities that unfold at farm.
    Visiting in-house dairy farm and witnessing the chain of activities that supplies fresh milk everyday to your table can be a new experience. Similarly a lot can be witnessed at the organic kitchen garden and have first hand experience of how it feels and what it takes to grow healthy vegetables.
    If you are visiting the farm during November to June you can also visit the nearby Tiger Reserve.
    And of course you have the chance to learn and explore Yoga with us.
    We have developed an efficient dairy setup by adopting realistic dairy standards through our research and experience. The setup includes the whole process of animal management from planning and design to nutrition, milking, comfort, breeding and manure management, leading to the lowest possible cost of milk production.
    Yes we do invite school children for learning trip and families to visit the farm.
    Organic farming is an integrated system of agricultural production based on ecological principles, promotion of biodiversity, biological cycles and organic matter recycling to maintain and improve soil fertility and environmental sustainability.
    The best months to visit the farm are from February to June and mid September to December
    Yoga is a way of healthy living. As you stay/visit farm you can avail the chance to get some tips, insights and yoga practices from our expert trainers for healthy and happy life.