Specially Designed for Hospital Environment

SMEC LEHY-IIIB Hospital Bed Elevator is designed to meet the requiremnts for using in special environment of hospital to the maximum extent. User-friendly car design, simple and bright, combined with a large number of antibacterial materials, creating a clean and comfortable space for operation. Complement to modern medical environment and facilities in every way with harmonious unity. Creating a caring and comfortable space for the patients.


LEHY-III B Compact Machine Room hospital elevator is designed for hospital environments, combined variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) speed control technology, permanent magnet synchronous (PM) traction machine technology, intelligent power modulde (IPM) technology and data network control technology, and many other advantages of science and technology of Mitsubishi. Adhering to the consistent technical advantages of Mitsubishi, LEHY-III B has made a perfect integration of intelligence, comfort, safety, energy-saving, delicacy, disturbance rejection and other professional features, providing hospital elevator with perfect ride quality. LEHY series Compact Machine Room hospital elevator has obtained world-wide acclaim and been highly acknowledged by major professional hospitals.