Panoramic Elevator

Grant Colourful Display Of Building

Shanghai Mitsubishi's panoramic elevator gives the building its personality and vigor. No matter whether it is located outdoors or indoors, panoramic elevators would always catch people's eyes. Passengers riding the elevator can easily overview the architecture style and ambient scenery. Its dynamic and colourful figure becomes fluid scenery in the building. Outstanding features can be found in outdoor encloded or indoor open LEHY-MRL series panoramic elevators, no matter what kind of buildings they are installed.


Innovative LEHY Creation of Advancement

LEHY-MRL series machine-room-less panoramic elevator, with its thoughtful machine room design, effectively saves installation space, improves building use rate and reuces the impact to the construction appearance. It is possible to adopt self-supporting type or non-self-supporting type according to client's elevator hoistway type, which has wider application scope and gives client more choice to the client and building design.