Our farm




Ours is a story of family farm evolving into diversified agribusiness providing science-backed solutions to more than 5000 farmers on crop production, diversified agriculture and dairy farming.


The journey that started in 1960s from simple crop production gradually transformed to seed multiplication, agro-forestry, dairy farming and now to agribusinesses has been very encouraging as it feels great to see tremendous positive change we the family is bringing in agriculture in our region, amongst farming community by providing good know-how and consultancy on adopting efficient farming practices. Though the solutions to do farming in environmentally and economically sustainable way do exist but the challenge is that these solutions are out of reach of our farmers. This is where we play an important role providing farmers science-backed solutions on various aspects of agriculture.


We do farming on 70 acres of land integrating crop production, agro-forestry and dairy farming which is not only generating remunerative returns but is an example of a well-diversified and sustainable farming model with tremendous benefit to the environment. Our farm acts as a demonstration farm and learning center for thousands of farmers and youth in the region and in India




We have been involved in the cultivation of Paddy, Wheat, Pea, Gram, Sugarcane, Maize, Poplar and Forage crops.



Trees and plants play a vital role in the protection and sustenance of healthy environment. Fruit bearing trees can have a lasting impact on our health too. Seasonal fruits provide us essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants for healthy functioning of body. In addition to nutritional value, orchards support sustainability in many ways like absorbing CO2, providing habitat to wildlife and controlling soil erosion.


At our farm we have an exclusive mango orchard as well as diverse fruit trees orchard. One can enjoy the taste of eight different varieties of ‘king of fruit’ i.e. Mango from its garden. In the diverse orchard, mango trees are interspersed with different varieties of Indian fruit trees. This takes care of biodiversity as well as provides natural resilience to pests and diseases. Other fruits that one can find in the orchard are Lychee, Guava, Papaya, Banana, Mulberry, Java Plum, Sapodilla, Indian Gooseberry, Bael, and Pear. Other fruit trees and plants that can be found around the farm are grapes, pomegranate, jack fruit, custard apple, peach and lemon.


Tree Plantation

Apart from this we have planted hundreds of different varieties of trees around the farm. Since ancient times in India trees have been revered for their life giving support. There is a whole science of planting tress known as Vriksha Ayurveda. Trees and plants are invaluable gift of nature to us. They provide us nutrition in the form of fruits, vegetables and seeds, timber for construction of utilities, leaves, flowers and bark for medicine, clean air for inhalation and habitat to entire life forms. It is our duty to protect and prosper the nature. We as human beings must understand our existence as part of terrestrial habitat and must respect coexistence and symbiosis.


Trees and plants have their own aura and create beautiful ambiences for people living around them. They are a potent source for the wellbeing of our body and spirit. As such one can find many ornamental, flowers, medicinal, aromatic, evergreen and decidious plants and trees in the farm


                                               Poplar  Orchard  Sapodilla